50 years ago, musicians came together to stand up against the war in Vietnam. People travelled from all over the country (and the world) to be a part of this peaceful protest. The Sixties were almost over - an era was coming to an end, but there was plenty to be hope- ful for: the world was moving in a direction of peace and love, we had set foot on the moon, and Volkswagen was about to relaunch it’s iconic bus.



Elkline’s SUMMER OF LOVE collection is inpired by the oppenness and opportunites of the Sixties. Much like elkline’s foundation is built upon getting out and seeing the world, the Sixties were about seeing and experiencing it all - peace, love, spirituality, counter-culture, and more. It was a time to explore and express one’s true self. 

Elkline’s connection to Volkswagen also furthers the storyline for the SUMMER OF LOVE collection. The VW bus, campervan, and beetle were not only the vehicle of choice for many at the time, they were (and are) symbols of the free-spirited, psychedelic generation. This company was born out of the back of a VW bus, so it’s important to us that we continue to drive our company with the same open-minded, free-spirited, and adventurous spirit that has become symbolic of the Sixties. 


To be creative and “just make clothes” – with these passions in his backpack, Stephan Knüppel, Founder and CEO of Elkline, jumped into his VW Bulli 20 years ago and started the ignition. He didn’t know where he was going back then – the journey was the destination.

What sounds like such a cliché meant for Elkline: being on the move, meeting people, hearing stories. And ultimately writing our own – with reliable apparel that is part of our customers’ lives for years, instead of being banished to the closet after just one season. 

On the way to firmly establishing ourselves in the outdoor apparel market, we took some turns and detours. They challenged and encouraged us over and over to come back to the values that are important to us: reliability, curiosity, an open mind and being conscious. Not staying stuck in a box but making our craftsmanship the center of our work. 

Even 20 years, 200 trading partners (15 in Europe) and 5 own shops later, there is one thing we are keeping our eyes on: our responsibility for people and nature. Because they make our clothing possible. That is why sustainability and social responsibility aren’t hip buzzwords to us – they are standards in our everyday life. 

This is what has been driving us all along: creating apparel for people who share our passion for nature and traveling and who, just like Elkline, are curious to explore new routes. For everyone who lives to experience real moments, discover unique places and meet one-of-a-kind people.


For some, Elkline means outdoor lifestyle, for others functional clothing. And for us? We skip the hip buzzwords and instead live true to our values to make honest apparel for real moments. 

We create conscious of the fact that we are a part of what’s around us. We look outside the box; we switch off the autopilot. Our passion for nature and traveling, our curiosity to explore the world with its colorful cultures and our openness to new experiences – this is what we share with our customers. 

At the same time, we want to keep the footprint we inevitably leave as little as possible. Therefore, sustainability isn’t a fancy buzzword to us – it’s personal. As a company, we produce high-quality, durable and modern companions for all situations in life. That means for us: Conserving natural resources. Creating socially responsible manufacturing conditions. Limiting waste. 

We live and share creative energy. We are passionate, fully, sustainable and committed to our continued craftsmanship.